Corporate Culture Statement

Public Bank Group, Hong Kong is committed to promoting a sound corporate culture by setting out six organisational
values. These values guide our staff’s working attitude and behaviour which contribute to the success of the
organisation, and help determine the Group’s approach to achieving its mission.

Our Mission

To be recognised and respected as one of the Hong Kong financial institutions excelling in customer service and
corporate governance whilst maintaining growth in profitability and shareholder value.

Our Values


Ensure safety and well-being

Listen and understand

Serve the community


Make sound and considered judgment

Make the right decision

Plan ahead wisely


Do the right thing

Be honest and fair

Have actions and words in line with

moral principles



Be self-control­­led and cooperative

Be persistent and independent


Strive for the best

Be business-minded and customer-oriented

Support people advancement




Be open-minded and reliable

Treat others with dignity and respect