Corporate Profile

Public Financial Holdings Limited (formerly known as “JCG Holdings Limited”) (“Public Financial” or the “Company”) is an investment and property holding company incorporated in Bermuda under the Companies Act 1981 on 16 August 1991. Its shares are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) (stock code : 626).

Public Financial is a 73.2% owned subsidiary of Public Bank Berhad (“Public Bank”), the shares of which are listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

The major subsidiaries of Public Financial are Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Public Bank (Hong Kong)”), Public Finance Limited (“Public Finance”) and Winton Financial Limited (“Winton”).

Public Bank (Hong Kong) is a commercial bank registered under the Banking Ordinance of Hong Kong and under the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Public Bank (Hong Kong) was formerly known as Asia Commercial Bank Limited which was incorporated in 1934, and was acquired by the Company in May 2006. Its name was formally changed to Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited in June 2006. Currently, Public Bank (Hong Kong) has a network of 30 branches in Hong Kong, 1 branch and 4 sub-branches in Shenzhen and a representative office each in Shanghai and Shenyang in the People’s Republic of China. Public Bank (Hong Kong) provides a comprehensive suite of commercial and retail banking services and has been a committed financial institution partner to its clients in Hong Kong and Mainland China for more than 80 years.

Public Finance, formerly known as JCG Finance Company, Limited, was incorporated in Hong Kong on 20 October 1977 and registered as a deposit-taking company under the Banking Ordinance on 31 January 1978. It was acquired by Public Bank in 1990 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company upon listing of the Company on the SEHK in 1991. In January 2006, the name of JCG Finance Company, Limited was formally changed to Public Finance Limited, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Public Bank (Hong Kong) on 17 October 2008 as part of the group’s reorganisation. The principal activities of Public Finance are deposit-taking, personal and commercial lending, mortgage financing, letting of investment properties and the provision of finance to purchasers of taxis, etc. In the course of enlarging its market share and enhancing its market position, Public Finance has built up a wide network of branches. With its present network of 40 branches, Public Finance is the largest deposit-taking company in Hong Kong in terms of branch network.

Winton was incorporated in Hong Kong on 19 October 1971. It is a licensed money lender and its main business is the provision of personal lendings and mortgage loans, and financing of public vehicles such as taxis and public light buses. Currently, Winton has a total of 3 branches in Hong Kong.

With around 1,200 staff in Public Financial and its subsidiaries (the “Group”), the Group is ever ready to serve you.