Public Financial Holdings Limited (the “Company”) is committed to ensuring its business and operations are conducted in an ethical, moral and legal manner. In line with this commitment, the Company has put in place the Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures (WBP) to provide an avenue for all staff and various stakeholders including but not limited to interns, consultants, contractors, vendors, suppliers and/or customers to disclose any improper conduct, or illegal, unethical or questionable practices committed or about to be committed within the Company.

To report the above-mentioned matters, please contact us via email: pfhlalert@publicfinancial.com.hk.

Please provide your contact details including your name and phone number in your message. We may contact you for additional information needed for our investigation. We will accord protection of confidentiality to the whistleblower. We will take all reasonable steps to protect the whistleblower against any discrimination, retaliation or harassment according to our internal policies.