Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

A responsible corporate citizen and a corporate member of Public Bank Group, the third largest banking group in Malaysia by asset size, the Group follows its vision and demonstrates commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner with integrity, and with enhanced reputation and standing, sustainable value and return are created in the long run for all its stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is an integral part of the Group’s culture and business strategy. The integration of social, environmental, economic, ethical, employee and customer concerns into our business and operations will definitely bring benefits and returns to our stakeholders as well as the society at large.

The Group is actively promoting high standards of corporate governance, and focuses our CSR initiatives in four key areas of Market Place, Work Place, Community Development and Environment Sustainability.

Market Place

As a well-established banking group in Hong Kong, we are committed to providing a wide range of products and services to enable customers to select the solution that best suits their needs, continually enhancing customer services and customer satisfaction, as well as maintaining the business practices that are fair, ethical, and responsible.

Work Place

We believe that employees are the greatest asset of the Group. We provide a fair and safe working environment to our employees and ensure that employees are well taken care with reasonable quality of life. Various policies and procedures are in place to ensure that the employees are treated fairly and equally, and that their rights are protected. We also provide training and development opportunities to the employees from time to time to enhance their skills, competencies and job satisfaction.

Community Development

The Group is committed to maintaining a strong level of community involvement by supporting a diverse range of initiatives such as making donations, providing sponsorships, offering volunteer services, participating in educational programs and dedicating other resources and expertise.

Environment Sustainability

The Group aims to raise awareness of environmental issues among our employees and the society by actively participating in outreach initiatives organised by the Group or other non-profit making organizations. We are keen to minimise the impacts on the environment from our daily business operations. Energy saving practices and various measures are implemented to strengthen our environmental protection measures and protect the long-term well-being and viability of the natural environment.

Environmental Award

Public Bank (Hong Kong) has been awarded the Platinum Award of Charter on External Lighting organised by the Environment Bureau for three consecutive years. This award demonstrates the Bank’s commitment to minimise light nuisance and energy wastage. In compliance with the Charter, 26 branches of the Bank have its external lighting switched off daily from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.